NL2155: Low-Temp Clear/Blue Smooth PVC Suction Hose

This is a specially blended PVC ‘suction’ hose for a range of liquids (not for food grade transfer), and provides more flexibility and effort to bend as compared to standard PVC hoses like our NL2115 – especially at lower temperatures where other lower cost PVC hoses become rigid. It should be noted that due to the softer compounds, this hose will NOT standup to pressure, surges, or transfer applications compared to ‘harder’ PVC hoses. NL2155 is an economical alternative to rubber hoses which have traditionally been preferred in colder environments. Its clear characteristics allow visual confirmation of flow, and it is resistant to weathering and general abrasion. Several brands are available with varying factors between brand name, quality of materials, and price. We offer several options based on user preference: NL2155 generic, NL2156 Tigerflex BW, NL2160 Conti Cold-Blue. Specifications may be slightly different than shown.
Construction: Tube: Smooth low-temp PVC. Cover: Smooth low-temp PVC. Reinforcement: Blue PVC helix.

Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10-GS combination nipples, N310-AL short shanks, strainers, N52 punch clamps, various bolt clamps.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +65.3°C (150°F)

Detail Comments: Pressure & Vac ratings @ 20C (70F), soft compounds impact pressure rating.

Cut Method: Hacksaw

Marketing: Not for Pressure Service due to soft compounds/no textile

Hose Size: 3/4”-6” inch

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