NL2205: Green/Black K Series EPDM Transfer Hose

NL2205 Tiger Green is used in similar applications as our traditional NL2200 Green/Black EPDM, but our NL2205 Tiger Green is made with higher quality compounds for improved flexibility. Tests show that compared to other tier one manufacturer’s competitive equivalent Tiger Green is up to 22% more flexible, especially in sub-zero weather! It is also light-in-weight and easy to handle, while its external polyethylene helix reduces dragging friction and permits this hose to be easily maneuvered on the ground. It is also available in Tiger Blue NL2210, Red NL2212, & Yellow NL2214.

Construction: Tube: Smooth Black EPDM. Cover: Slightly corrugated green polyethylene helix with black EPDM between.

Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10-GS combination nipples, N310-AL short shanks, strainers, N52 punch clamps, various bolt clamps.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +71°C (160°F)

Detail Comments: This hose is not designed for permanent installation in piping systems, especially in short lengths for pump connectors, generators, chillers, HVAC units, or other applications where hard pipe, expansion joints, or stainless steel braided hoses are typically used.

Cut Method: Hacksaw

Hose Size: 1”-6” inch

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