NL4010: Green Multi-Chem XLPE Chemical Transfer Hose

NL4010 is a cost effective chemical transfer hose with a Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) tube that is suitable for use with up to 90% of known chemicals and solvents (please call for chemical resistance guidelines). It has a heavy wall to resist kinking and crushing and is typically for use in applications requiring little handling or flexibility and where price is a foremost concern. It is advisable to test the tube material prior to field use and ensure all coupled lengths are fully certified prior to use. All chemical hoses should be drained and flushed after each use.

Construction: Tube: Smooth, translucent XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). Cover: Smooth, green (NL4010) or blue (NL4011 Goodyear Blue Flexwing) wrapped EPDM. Reinforcement: Synthetic fabric with two wire helix.

Typical Fittings: Swage/crimp fittings, camlocks (confirm chemical compatibility) , testing & certification (NOT internal expansion Scovills due to the inability of the tube to expand). Always confirm compatibility of coupling and gasket with material being conveyed.

Temperature Range: -32°C (-25°F) to +66°C (150°F)

Detail Comments: Other sizes available upon request.

Warning: Critical App, Ground Wire when Coupling-Confirm Gasket Type

Cut Method: Hacksaw & Side Snips for Wire – Wear Safety Gloves

Hose Size: ¾”-4”

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Chemical Resistance


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