NL5095: ContiTech Blue Versachem Chemical Trans 250 FDA UHMWPE Tube

Versachem has been engineered for maximum versatility, handling a wide variety of liquids and powdery materials. It has static dissipating UHMWPE inner lining for multiple chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. It is ideal for conveying chemicals in explosive atmospheres where static dissipation is a requirement and is widely used in the food and beverage industry with hygienic/sanitary products and foodstuffs. Compliant to USDA, FDA standards. This hose is also suitable for distilleries and high proof alcohol applications.

Construction: Tube: White, non-porous, smooth, UHMWPE inner lining with black conductive stripe, absolutely odourless and with no effect on taste, no discolouration, abrasion-resistant. Cover: Blue, corrugated EPDM outer lining. Reinforcement: Spiral-plied synthetic fabric with dual helix wires.

Typical Fittings: Stainless Sanitary Inserts (Tri-Clamp, Acme, etc), N5013 Interlocking Sanitary Crimp w/N5013F Ferrule, White Poly or Stainless Camlocks (exchange food grade gasket); for plain/non-interlock Inserts, we recommend Stainless Band/Bolt Clamps (NOT recommended with plain, non-interlocking WC-SS crimp sleeves due to temperature rubber flow & coupling integrity). Excessive heat in long cycles can compromise coupling integrity on thick, soft durometer hoses.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +100°C (212°F)

Detail Comments: Always confirm compatibility of coupling and gasket with material being conveyed.

Warning: Critical App, Ground Wire when Coupling-Confirm Gasket Type

Cut Method: Hacksaw & Side Snips for Wire – Wear Safety Gloves

Hose Size: ½”-4”


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