NL5550: Standard Polyurethane Tubing (85 Shore A)

The NL5550 85 Shore A hardness is used in similar applications to our standard NL5570 series polyurethane, but is softer, less rigid, and has a lower pressure rating for users who specifically need a less robust polyurethane wall it is also manufactured with FDA compliant compounds. It is also less suitable for use with ‘Push-in’ style fittings (recommend to use 95 Shore A hardness when using such fittings). Other colours and sizes are available on special request (or refer to NL557x Series 95 Shore).

Construction: Smooth, Ether-based polyurethane tubing, 85 Shore A hardness.

Typical Fittings: “Barbed” fittings are recommended on this tubing due to its softer, 85 Shore A durometer wall (ie. nylon, brass, or stainless steel hose barbs), N62/64 gear clamps, N66 pinch clamps, NSNP quick snap clamps; ‘Push-In’ tube fittings or compression fittings ‘can’ be used (application dependent, also refer to tubing “O.D.”, not I.D.), but it is highly recommended they are used in conjunction with “soft-tube” inserts. See our NL5570- Series 95 Shore hardness for better suitability with Push-In Fittings.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +78°C (170°F)

Detail Comments: When using with ‘Push-In’ or Compression fittings, always refer to the tubing O.D. for correct fitting size. For larger sizes or higher pressures, refer to our NL1280 reinforced urethane tubing.

Cut Method: Tube Snips – No Reinforcement

Tubing Size: ¼”-1”


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