RTH1 – One Wire Braid 800-2450 psi Hose Teflon Cover

Type Approvals:

Approvals - 2

Technical Specifications:

Recommended For

High pressure hydraulic oil lines. Fluids at extremes of pressure and temperature. RYCO RTH1 Series Hose Lining is chemically pure, inert and contains no leachable additives. RYCO RTH1 is remarkably resistant to high temperature and flames. It has a very high melting point, thermal degradation threshold and auto-ignition temperature.

Warning: RTH1 Hose Liner is non-conductive. Do not use with high velocity fluids and gases, as static electricity may be generated and cause premature failure of hose. If in doubt contact RYCO Hydraulics technical department.

Temperature Range: From -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F)


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