NL2138: Corrugated Clear Braided PVC Transfer Hose

NL2138 is a specialty hose that is designed for applications where the hose will be subjected to both suction and higher pressure discharge (not food grade). Its unique braiding provides an advantage over conventional PVC hoses through increased working pressures and extra strength. Its exposed helix also permits less resistance to dragging. The larger sizes are ideally suited for fish handling, dam/foundation pumping, and various discharge applications where a hardwall hose is required. Our NL2140 is a heavier version of our NL2138 with a left hand helix specifically designed to for use with Transvac Fish Suction couplings.

Construction: Tube: Smooth PVC. Cover: Corrugated PVC. Reinforcement: Rigid PVC helix and an embedded textile braid (orange right hand helix on NL2138, white left hand helix on NL2140).

Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10-GS combination nipples, N2475 ring-lock fittings, spiral clamps (NL2138 uses N675 right hand spiral clamps, NL2140 uses N676 left hand spiral clamps), N2135MS Transvac fittings (NOTE: Transvac left hand clamps work on NL2140 series only), various bolt clamps, N70-C202 strapping.

Temperature Range: -25°C (-13°F) to +60.0°C (140°F)

Detail Comments: All working pressures & vacuum ratings are recommended @ 20°C (70°F).

Cut Method: Hacksaw

Hose Size: 1.50”-12” inch

Marketing: DID YOU KNOW? Transvac fittings are available upon request!

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